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Elder Sign: Omens 24.07.2017


by parfal

May 26, 2022

Install-App-VUnattended-Installer: Install App-V 4.6 using PowerShell.

Provides a simple, guided interface that allows a user to perform the required steps, helping them quickly and effectively configure an App-V server.


Install-App-VUnattended-Installer -ComputerName {appvserver} -NetworkName {networkext} -Credential $credential -WhatIf

Read More here:

Note: I have also done minor changes in the above script

In this special episode, Travis Wall and Anthony Guevarra welcome special guest Scott Graham of The Adventure Zone podcast to chat about some of the adventures that they’ve had over the years as the host of The Adventure Zone. In this episode, they discuss:

Scheduling the show

The Adventure Zone podcast

Racial slurs

Scott Graham

Travis and Anthony chat about the show and other topics on their podcast!

You can listen to this episode and others on the Podtrac website, or you can subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, or your favorite podcatcher.

Also, if you want to leave us a voicemail or voice note, please be sure to leave your name and where you’re calling from, and we’ll play your message every week on the show. If you want to become a part of this show, you can visit our website at gametrailers.com/podcast, where you can view our complete schedule, leave a comment, ask us a question or start a conversation. You can also follow us on Twitter @gametrailers or become a fan of our Facebook page.Q:

How to get an un-edited question to the “Active” list when editing it?

I’ve noticed a problem with the “Active” list on meta. I’m assuming it’s a bug. When I edit a question I get my own (edited) question in the “Active” list and the original (un-edited) one doesn’t.
Is there any way to get the original (un-edited) question to the active list?


Once the question is edited, the top 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a small macro language which uses a single-line of a text string to control macros, functions or subroutines in an application.Discovery of 1-oxa-9-azaindole-3-carbaldehyde 4-iminoethyleneamides as ACHE inhibitors.
A novel series of 1-oxa-9-azaindole-3-carbaldehyde 4-iminoethyleneamides were designed, synthesized and evaluated for acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibition. Several derivatives exhibited good AChE inhibitory activities. The most potent compound 5a (IC50=0.73 μM) is 24-fold more potent than the positive control donepezil (IC50=4.75 μM).The present invention relates to a keyboard device and particularly to a switch assembly employed in the keyboard device.
Various types of keyboards have been proposed to date. The switches used in such keyboards have the advantage of being simple in construction, light in weight, and inexpensive, and of being constructed to have a relatively long service life, and thus have been widely used. However, a drawback of these conventional switches is that the clearances between adjacent conductive members are small, and consequently the so-called crosstalk between adjacent conductive members of the switch is great. In other words, when the tip of a finger or other object is brought close to the switch and makes contact with two or more adjacent conductive members, the switch is actuated in a manner such that one or more of the conductive members other than the conductive member actually touched by the finger or other object is made conductive. Accordingly, there is the possibility that keys which do not want to be actuated by the finger or other object may be erroneously actuated.
In addition, when the switch is continuously actuated, the adhesives employed for bonding the conductive members to a substrate become gradually depleted and consequently the bonding strength between the conductive members and the substrate weakens, which can cause problems such as switch disconnection.Turbocharger pulley bearing

What is a turbocharger pulley bearing?

The bearing is made of bronze, on the face, an inner and outer ring, which is seated in the belt pulley, a convex ring (for angle set) and a spherical ring. This bearing has a long service life and guarantees a precise functioning.



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