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by parfal

May 25, 2022

ZylSerialPort.NET provides an asynchronous serial port (COM port) class for communication with external devices that have been connected to the computer via serial ports. It is intended for Microsoft Windows, including Windows Phone. ZylSerialPort.NET is a.NET component, so it is fully compatible with the.NET Framework, and it can be easily incorporated into any C# or VB.NET project, as well as into ASP.NET applications.
ZylSerialPort.NET comes with built-in support for several different types of connected devices, including those that are connected to the computer via USB ports, IrDA ports, Bluetooth, and other types of serial ports.
ZylSerialPort.NET uses an asynchronous model, which means that it is thread-based, and it does not use blocking calls, which can produce glitches. The component features a convenient event-driven programming model. This means that you do not have to deal with lengthy setup procedures. In addition, the framework ensures high performance and throughput.
ZylSerialPort.NET’s APIs have been designed to make them easy to use. This includes a set of intuitive operators for all functions, and convenience interfaces for many parameters, including the serial port, connection type, event notifications, and more.
ZylSerialPort.NET is a robust and easy-to-use tool. It features a large number of options to configure for the specific needs of each application. A basic driver is included with the package for simple drivers that come with a virtual serial port, such as the ones that many devices require.
The following graphic shows the primary features of ZylSerialPort.NET:
Key Features of ZylSerialPort.NET
Features & Benefits:
* Support for various types of serial ports:
– Windows, IrDA, and Bluetooth ports
– USB ports
* Numerous serial port and connection settings
* Supports asynchronous mode
* Asynchronous API
* Support for events
* Support for multiple serial ports
* Simple API usage
* Various serial ports parameters
* Convenient parameters with operators
* Supports virtual serial ports
* Advanced library with classes and methods
* Support for multiple ports
* Support for USB
* Support for IrDA
* Support for Bluetooth
* Support for serial ports using Bluetooth
* Support for mobile devices
* Support for USB devices
* Support for IrDA
* Support for virtual serial ports
* Support for modems
* Support for GPS
* Support for modems 384a16bd22

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